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Comic changes...

Well, I made a slight change to the comic. I decided that the lettering and images were too small and I had a few comments from some people where they said they enjoyed the comic, but it was hard to read and I agree. When I started creating the strips, I really enjoyed how they looked, but I had this feeling in the back of my mind that the lettering may be too small for some people to read and I was right. I should have gone with my first instinct to make it a bit bigger, but I didn't. So now I am going back and I am redoing the layout of my comic and the bubbles. I redid the first one and I am working on the others. The comic as a whole is bigger. But, the images are larger and the words are easier to see. The layout is also different. I decided since I am enlarging everything, I had to change the layout of the comic as well. I hope you all enjoy the changes I made and I hope it is easier to read. :)